Onoe Kikuyuki and Onoe Kikunojo II
Onoe Kikuyuki      Onoe Kikunojyo II

Onoe Kikuyuki
Onoe Kikuyuki
(certified master teacher)
is the exclusive agent for Onoe Ryu Dance in the Continental United States.




About Shihan Onoe Kikuyuki, Master Teacher
president of Onoe Ryu Dance Enterprises

The Onoe style of Japanese classical dance, performed by Onoe Kikuyuki, is characterized by a unique blend of sophisticated turns, elegant posture, and total body control acquired through years of study and commitment to excellence.

Wearing a range of costumes from elaborate to simple kimonos, her face and hands are powdered brilliant white for classical dances, or highlighted with simple make-up for traditional folk and popular selections. The dances are usually scenes or a series of sketches depicting a character in conflict or blissful harmony; and showcase movements that are highly stylized, earthbound, and close to the body. Her graceful movement and powerful imagery evoke emotions and truths that lie at the heart of all cultures.

A student of Japanese dance for over twenty years, Onoe Kikuyuki holds the Natori Certification (to perform) and the Shihan Certification (to teach) granted by the most distinguished Onoe School of Japanese Dance, Tokyo, Japan. The Onoe School is critically acclaimed throughout Japan as the recognized leader in preserving Japanese culture by inspiring traditional choreography with creative assimilation of diverse artistic genre from the modern world.

She is the master instructor and choreographer for Kikuyuki No Kai , a traditional dance group performing regularly at international cultural events sponsored by such organizations as the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival Committee, the Library of Congress, the National Institute of Health, the Departments of Agriculture and Defense, the Blue Ridge Arts Council, the Washington National Cathedral, and the Japan America Society of Georgia.

In addition to teaching her many students, she has assisted in the development of cultural exchange curricula at the Virginia Governor�s Language Academy, the Baltimore Children�s Museum, the Washington DC public schools, Gallaudet University, West Chester University, George Washington University, Wellesley College, Mary Washington College, George Mason University and the University of Maryland.

Onoe Kikuyuki�s solo performances presented by the Embassy of Japan receive critical acclaim and capacity audiences.






  Dance Information  
  Onoe Kikunojyo II  
  • Onoe Ryu Dance Enterprises was established August 19, 1996
  • Choreography, lessons, and performances are produced in accordance with standards established by Onoe Kikunojyo III, Fourth Headmaster of The Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan.