Onoe Kikunojo II
Onoe Kikunojyo II     (a.k.a. Onoe Bokusetsu



Onoe Kikunojyo II (a.k.a. Onoe Bokusetsu)

Onoe Kikunojyo II was the Third Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance located in Tokyo, Japan. In August 2011, he took the name Onoe Bokusetsu upon the appointment of Onoe Seifu as Onoe Kikunojyo III, the Fourth Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance.

A Brief Biography:

  • Studied the art of Japanese dance under the direction of Fujima Kanjuro VI as well as Nishikawa Koisaburo and Nakamura Tomijuro.
  • Artistic director and cultural mentor for the Onoe style of Japanese dance studied and performed by a host of Onoe Ryu Dance Companies to include “ONOEKAI”, “WAKAGIKUKAI” AND KOGIKUKAI”.
  • Director, in conjunction with Onoe Kikugoro VII, of “YOKIKOTOKAI”.
  • Master tutor, par excellence, and sole proprietor of the Kikunojyo NO KAI” Onoe Ryu Dance Company, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Producer/director/lead performer of the semi-annual “TOUKAKAI” dance concerts which have played to capacity audiences in Japan since 1986, the 61st year of Showa.
  • Leader in preserving Japanese culture by imbuing traditional choreography with creative assimilation of diverse artistic genre from the modern world.
  • Choreographer for world renown performances of “KABUKI”, “SHINPA”, “TAKARAZUKA”, "AZUMA ODORI” AND “KAMOGAWA ODORI”.
  • International performer/choreographer with critically acclaimed performances in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Seville (Spain), Paris (France), and Lithuania.

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  Onoe Kikunojyo II  
  Onoe Ryu Dance, USA  
  • Choreography, lessons, and performances are produced in accordance with standards established by Onoe Kikunojyo III, the Fourth Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan.