Onoe Bokusetsu
Onoe Kikunojyo II    (a.k.a. Onoe Bokusetsu)



Onoe Kikunojyo II (a.k.a. Onoe Bokusetsu)

Onoe Kikunojyo II was the Third Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance located in Tokyo, Japan from 1964-2011. In August of 2011, he took the name Onoe Bokusetsu upon the appointment of Onoe Seifu as Onoe Kikunojyo III, the Fourth Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance.

Interview with Onoe Kikunojyo II:           Part 2

(Question) What type of physical conditioning program do you use in preparation for dancing on stage?
(Response) I find swimming to be especially beneficial for strengthening muscles of the feet and waist.

(Question) How do you relieve stress associated with being a professional dancer?
(Response) When off stage, I am able to relax and remove myself completely from the pressure.

(Question) What do you think about and what mood are you in when dancing?
(Response) I am totally immersed in the piece being performed. A transformation takes place as my mind surges into the choreography and I become another person, a momentary character expressing human emotion for the audience.

(Question) What is your hobby?
(Response) Appreciation of music.

(Question) What is the name of your favorite baseball team?
(Response) The Yomiuri Giants and the Nagashima Giants.

(Question) What is your favorite music genre?
(Response) Classical music.

(Question) Which classical artist do you enjoy the most?
(Response) My favorite artist is the classical pianist Wilhelm Backhaus.

(Question) Which place do you find the most relaxing?
(Response) Kyoto.

(Question) What is your favorite food?
(Response) Sushi and tempura; because I am an Edokko (from Tokyo).

(Question) Which do you like to wear the most, kimono or western clothes?
(Response) I like both. Kimono, for me is casual wear and very comfortable.

50th Anniversary of Onoe Ryu Dance Concert
scene from the original piece “IRUKA”
Azuma Tokuya (left), Onoe Kikunojyo II (right)


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