Onoe Kikuyuki     Onoe Kikunojyo II

Left: Onoe Kikuyuki (certified Shihan master teacher) exclusive agent for Onoe Ryu Dance in the Continental U.S.

Right: Onoe Kikunojyo II, Third Headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan.


Onoe style Japanese classical dance instruction with Shihan Onoe Kikuyuki is available at Sensei's studio located in Chantilly, Virginia. All interested participants, regardless of age or nationality, are welcome to visit.  Contact us for more information.


Onoe School of Dance Locations:


Continental U.S. National Director:              Onoe Kikuyuki             Address: 
13445 Point Pleasant Drive Chantilly, VA 20151
Email: kikuyuki@onoedance.com 


Atlanta                                  Regional Director: Akemi English                       Address: 
7925 Fawndale Way
Sandy Spring, GA 30350

(404) 944-6872
Email:          akemienglish@gmail.com



Baltimore                               Regional Director:                  Onoe Melanie                Address: 
4013 Spruell Drive
Kensington, MD

(301) 933-3659
Email: melanie.shintaku@verizon.net


San Francisco Regional Director:                Leilani Ito                             Address: 
2915 Rockwell Court
Davis, CA 95618

(530) 219-6655
Email:                                     lmito@aol.com











  Dance Information  
  Onoe School, Tokyo  
  • Onoe Kikunojyo II, the Third Headmaster of The Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan
  • Onoe Ryu Dance Enterprises was established August 19, 1996
  • Choreography, lessons, and performances are produced in accordance with standards established by Onoe Kikunojyo III, the Fourth Headmaster of The Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan.